‘Solito’ by Javier Zamora 


‘Soundings: Journeys in the Company of Whales’ by Doreen Cunningham


Pilgrimages into the imagination by Nick Hunt


‘The place my soul called home’: Pamela Petro on Wales








Interview with Paul Theroux on fiction, travel and the post-pandemic future


In search of the Summer Isles by Philip Marsden


A road that stands for the world by James Attlee


A finger on the map by Jens Mühling


Flying into a new sense of time by Rebecca Loncraine








Cycling the Silk Road by Kate Harris


Everyone’s gone to the Falklands by Jonathan Raban


A meeting with the Bora by Nick Hunt


A passion for peregrines by Brian Jackman


Haunted by waters: Norman Maclean’s Montana


Noah Scot Snyder, grandson of Norman Maclean, at a spot on the Big Blackfoot River where the writer taught him how to fish








Travelling the ghost of a trail by Robert Moor


Place as the starting point for stories, by Tim Winton


The involuntary cocaine user by Fredrik Sjöberg


Saints that come out in the dark by Norman Lewis


Where Hindus join Buddhists in Sri Lanka by John Gimlette


The ritual bargain of the Russian train by Jens Mühling


Encounter at Ladäng Creek by Fredrik Sjöberg


A bar where enemies drink together by David Eimer


Little America in Baghdad by Justin Marozzi


In an Exmoor fog with William Atkins


On the road with Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen


Rising waters in the Deep South by Bill Cheng


Benson & Hedges between the hymns by Julian Evans


Yes, Gazans do have fun by Louisa Waugh


Aberdeen: a tight grey city by the sea by Esther Woolfson


In a universe of grass by Tim Dee









It’s easy to become paranoid about noises by Patrick Flanery


Our house, our kingdom by Liam Carson


An average day – in Antarctica by Gavin Francis


The Hill Station: a poem by Graham Coster


A low-flying look at Namibia by Brian Jackman


Riding ‘the Beast’ by Óscar Martínez


Freetown, Sierra Leone by Mark Weston








Through Twenties France by Bugatti by Michel Déon


Ways of being drunk by Christopher Howse


North of Everywhere: a poem by Helen Mort


Parsley and police in Dinar by Jeremy Seal


Mompox, the town the river left behind by Michael Jacobs









Postcard from San Benedetto del Tronto: a poem by Maurice Riordan


Journeys to strange new shores by Kathleen Jamie


Paths through prose and poetry by Robert Macfarlane


Place? It was all down to light for Peter Levi