Barton heads ‘Down By The River’

Laura Barton, who has presented some of the programmes I’ve enjoyed most on radio in recent years (Notes from a Musical Island, 24 Hours of Sunset and Laura Barton’s American Road Trip), takes to the water tomorrow. At 9am (with a repeat at 7pm) on Radio 4 Extra, she presents Down By The River: “From the squelchy trickle at the source of the Tyne, to the vast expanse of the Severn estuary… she explores the rivers of Britain to discover how they’ve shaped our stories and lives.” For details, see the programme page on the BBC website.


2 responses to “Barton heads ‘Down By The River’”

  1. “Down By The River” really gives me sparkling images mostly because of Laura’s mesmerizing voice. I wish anyone could pass it on to her. I’m too stupid for all this modern media like Twitter and Instagram, (at least I never got hooked). Please, Laura, record an audiobook! Could be even anything, I’d grasp it that like nothing else. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one. That would be so great. Nice greetings from Berlin

    1. deskbound avatar

      Yes, Matthias, Laura Barton has a bewitching voice. I’ll pass on your comment to her.

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