Ocean to ocean across South America

“Near evening I took a walk for a couple of miles along the highway. I spotted a woman carrying an enormous cloth bundle, which she laid out on the gravel shoulder of the road. Inside the bundle was a load of recently harvested quinoa, which she spread out on her cloth. Then she waited. Within minutes, a large fuel truck whooshed by. The wind from the tyres blew over her pile, separating the light chaff from the heavier grain… The Interoceanic, it seemed, was not wholly without local benefits.” Monte Reel, for The New York Times Magazine, travels more than 3,000 miles by bus along the recently completed Interoceanic Highway, through the green heart of South America from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Lima, Peru. In its annual “Voyages” issue, the magazine also has a piece on a “journey to the centre of the world” – the town of Felicity, California, which has sprouted from one man’s imagination.

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