‘Seamus Heaney — Poet of Place’

Seamus Heaney died 10 years ago this month. Radio 4 is marking the anniversary with Four Sides of Seamus Heaney, a series of programmes, each on a different aspect of the poet’s work. The first, “Poet of Place”, presented by John Kelly, poet and broadcaster with RTE, was aired yesterday. It focused on the village of Bellaghy in County Derry, where Heaney was born, lived on a farm until he went to secondary school, and where he is buried. Though he spent most of his life in the Republic of Ireland, taught in America and travelled all over the world, much of his poetry is rooted in his home-place. As one of his brothers, Dan, put it, “He never really left the parish.” In the second programme, next Sunday, Heaney’s daughter, Catherine, explores his love poetry. 

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