Travel writing at February’s festivals

Speakers at the Bath Literary Festival (February 26 to March 6; will include Harry Mount, author of Harry Mount’s Odyssey, telling of his travels in the wake of Odysseus; Anna Pavord, author of Landskipping: Painters, Ploughmen and Places; Patrick Barkham, author of Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore; Levison Wood, who has followed Walking the Nile with Walking the Himalayas; Bee Rowlatt, author of In Search of Mary, who will talk about her travels in the footsteps of the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft; and Melanie Windridge, plasma physicist, adventurer and author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights.

Ben Judah, author of This is London: Life and Death in the World City, in which he examines immigrants’ experience of the capital, will be speaking at Jewish Book Week (February 20;

Peter Frankopan, author of The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, will be speaking on the theme “Looking eastwards: cultural exchange with the Islamic world” at the LSE Literary Festival in London (February 25;

Jason Lewis, the first person to circumnavigate the globe using only human power, a feat recorded in his trilogy The Expedition, will speak at the Purbeck Literary Festival (February 25;

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