Fictional route to the Faroe Islands

I’ve never been to the Faroe Islands, those 18 final stepping stones of northern Europe. If I don’t make it there this year, I’ll certainly read The Brahmadells, which according to Joel Pinckney, an intern at The Paris Review, is “a captivating and enlightening immersion into [the] place”. The novel, by Jóanes Nielsen, is one of the first books to be translated into English from Faroese. Pinckney says it “tells a story both intimate, tracing the complex familial legacy of the Brahmadells and other families over several generations, and general, weaving historical documents and characters into its narrative thread”. He interviewed the American translator, Kerri Pierce, for The Paris Review website. You can read a brief extract from the novel itself on the site of the American publisher, Open Letter.


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