‘The biggest adventure is the writing, not the journey’

Kate Harris, whose Lands of Lost Borders was one of my books of 2018 (you can read an extract here on Deskbound Traveller) was interviewed this week by Sam Riches for the Los Angeles Review of Books. She says, among other things:

One of my fears about the book is I’ll get pegged as an adventurer and I don’t feel that way. I’ve been called that — explorer, adventurer. These are not self-appointed labels. A question I get a lot at the end of book events is, what’s next? And they don’t mean it in a literary sense. They mean what’s the next adventure. I understand why they ask, even as I recoil a bit because I first and foremost see myself as a writer. The biggest adventure and the deepest exploration for me is the writing, not the journey itself. It’s the coming home and trying to bring an experience or insight alive on the page, in language that sings.

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